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Community Living Centre

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Yellowknife, NT X1A 2N7
Phone: (867) 920-2644
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Literacy Outreach Centre

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Staff Contacts
Title Name Phone/Fax E-mail address
Executive Director Lynn Elkin P: (867) 920-2644
F: (867) 920-2348
Supported Living Manager Mahasi Ortega P: (867) 920-2644
F: (867) 920-2348
Family and Children’s Services Manager Vera Nesbitt P: (867) 920-2644
F: (867) 669-7826
Finance Manager Aki Iwase P: (867) 920-2644
F: (867) 920-2348
Skills Training & Community Inclusion Manager Donna-Marie Meserah-Zdyb P: (867) 920-2644
F: (867) 920-2348
EmployABILITY and Employment Services Manager Junn Gesmundo P: (867) 920-2644
F: (867) 669-7826
Communications and Administrative Officer Daron Letts P: (867) 920-2644
F: (867) 920-2348
Finance and Human Resources Officer Cindy Uy-Bartolome P: (867) 920-2644
F: (867) 920-2348
Employment Support Worker John Balamaga  P: (867) 920-2644
F: (867) 669-7826
Employment Support Worker Milton Tshuma P: (867) 920-2644
F: (867) 669-7826
Job Coach Evan Pigat P: (867) 920-2644
F: (867) 669-7826
Job Coach Meghan Fleet P: (867) 920-2644
F: (867) 669-7826
Job Coach David MacDonald P: (867) 920-2644
F: (867) 669-7826
Family and Children’s Services Facilitator (Youth and Respite) Michael Ramirez P: (867) 920-2644
F: (867) 669-7826
Team Leader Supported Living Services Tawanda Kachamakwara
Team Leader Supported Living Services Glenn Malaque
Team Leader Supported Living Services Barb Tayembwa
Literacy Outreach Centre Instructor Taylor Saracuse P: (867) 873-0607
F: (867) 873-0160
Skills Training Facilitator Lian Vilan P: (867) 920-2644
F: (867) 920-2348
Skills Training Facilitator Edwin Dela Cruz P: (867) 920-2644
F: (867) 920-2348

Job Openings

Finance and Human Resources Manager


The Yellowknife Association for Community Living is a non-profit organization providing services to individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families, assisting them in living meaningful lives in supportive communities.  The Association has approximately twenty-two full-time employees and operates ten services.

The position is intrinsic to the operation of the Association.  The position fulfills the financial requirements of the Association up to and including preparation for the annual audit.  This includes all payroll functions, accounts payable, accounts receivable, reporting and budgeting requirements and contract management. The position also administers the benefits and compensation package for the Association.


This position reports to the Executive Director


  1. Payroll
    • Audits time sheets and maintains records of sick, lieu and vacation entitlements;
    • Calculates and prepares payroll including payroll advances at mid-month and month-end payroll;
    • Calculates and remits Receiver General, WSCC, NWT Payroll Tax, RRSP, and Group Insurance Plan remittances;
    • Maintains payroll files for all employees;
    • Maintains personnel files for all employees;
    • Prepares Records of Employment;
    • Prepares T4 records and T4 Summary.
  1. Human Resources
    • Supports the Executive Director in maintaining a compensation plan including a consistent salary plan and employee benefits package;
    • Prepares forms for employee benefit and registered retirement savings plans and any other related administration;
    • Provides information to employees on these plans and other human resource areas;
    • Completes all documentation with employees at the start of their employment;
    • Makes recommendations to the Executive Director to ensure consistency with the territorial employment standards;
    • Monitors anniversaries and renewal needs (first aid, driver’s abstract, criminal record check)
    • Assists with any documentation necessary at the end of employment.
  1. Accounts Payable
    • Posts all invoices in accounts payable ledger; ensuring that appropriate approvals are in place;
    • Reconciles vendor statements;
    • Follows-up on outstanding items;
    • Generates cheques for outstanding invoices on a timely basis;
    • Calculates and remits GST and GST refund.
  1. Accounts Receivable
    • Issues invoices;
    • Verifies and records all payments;
    • Ensures bank deposits are made as needed;
    • Follows-up on outstanding accounts receivable and NSF items;
    • Records donations and issues donation receipts;
    • Maintains contract and contributions agreement files.
  1. Financial Records and Reports
    • Reconciles accounts and bank statements and ensures accuracy;
    • Prepares Program Statements and provides to the Executive Director;
    • Prepares Association’s Financial Statements and financial summaries on a monthly basis;
    • Prepares financial reports as requested;
    • Prepares the books for the annual audit and supports the audit process.
  1. Contracts, Agreements and Grants
    • Ensures information in contracts, grants and contributions is correct from an Association perspective;
    • Completes all financial reporting as required by various funders, monthly, quarterly or annually;
    • Monitors incoming funding and follows up on payments that are delayed;
    • Maintains records of all funding arrangements.
  1. Budgeting and Money Management
    • Works with the Executive Director in the preparation of the annual budget for the Association and within each service area;
    • Monitors cash flow and makes recommendations to the Executive Director to ensure no disruption to day-to-day operations;
    • Supports and recommends efforts to economize and to get the best value for the dollars available.
  1. Finance Aspects of Projects
    • Supports the administration of finances in various projects;
    • Provides reconciliation and monitoring for the income support project;
    • Assists Supported Living with systems to ensure the safekeeping and accountability for client funds within the Association’s care.
  1. Asset Management
    • Ensures the infrastructure of the association is maintained;
    • Makes recommendations for the appropriate reserves for major repairs and maintenance of assets.

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:

The ideal candidate has post secondary certification in a field related to bookkeeping, accounting, administration or human resources.

The skills required for this position include:

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Solid mathematical skills
  • Excellent computer skills – Especially in the following programs:
    • Microsoft Office software, Windows Operating System
    • Sage 50
  • Time management, organizational skills, patience
  • Ability to work in a hectic environment
  • Ability to multitask and deal with frequent interruptions
  • Experience with individuals with intellectual disabilities would be an asset

Additional Requirements:

  • Criminal Records Check
  • Class 5 drivers license

Other Areas

The Association needs all staff to participate fully in the work setting and to embrace the vision of inclusion.  This includes supporting clients as needed, assisting with yard and building maintenance (including snow shoveling), pitching in to help with special events and a number of other activities not specifically related to the job title.